Brakes need checking regularly, it is vital to you, your family and other road users that they are in perfect working order. We carry out brake safety checks which involve checking the wear and tear of your brake discs and pads to ensure they are up the regulation thickness to effectively stop your vehicle at all times. We inspect and repair the entire braking system (pipes, hoses, discs, pads, drums) to fix any problems such as corrosion and wear and tear. The majority of manufacturers recommend changing your brake fluid every 2 years regardless of mileage which we can also do for you


We supply all brands of tyres from the major manufacturers to budget names if price is an issue. Regardless of what you choose we will fit brand new tyres that are of premium quality to make you safe on the road in all conditions. Why not pop in for a free tyre check up and we'll look at your tyre pressures and tread depth and let you know what (if anything) needs doing.

Timing / cambelt change

The cost of repairing engine damage from belt malfuntion is immense. Therefore replacing these belts according to the manufature recommendation is vital if you don't want huge headaches down the line. We carry out this work at very competitive prices and by doing so, save you from spending hundreds, even thousands down the line.

diesel and petrol injection systems

Diesel fuel injection pump and injector repairs, servicing and testing for traditional fuel systems and the latest common rail systems from Bosch, Delphi, Denso and Siemens.

welding services

Welding services available on site. No job too big or small

exhaust systems

A faulty exhaust system can cause reduced efficiency, which can lead to other problems for your car.

Call in today for a free check. We can test and replace car exhausts to keep your vehicle running at optimal capacity.

This list covers a selection of the repair services we offer at RBVRC but we undertake ANY work that your vehicle may need. Call us to discuss your requirements.

Robert Bates - RBVRC

RBVRC has been established since 2011 providing quality, customer focused vehicle servicing and repairs in West Yorkshire.

Robert has been in the motor vehicle trade for over 18 years and has experience in all aspects of vehicle maintenance.

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